Our mission at Haywood Animal Hospital is to provide the same care for our patients that we would provide for our own pets.  To help us accomplish that, we maintain a well-stocked pharmacy of medications, joint/skin/nutritional supplements, and parasite preventatives.  We understand that it’s easier for you to leave our office with everything you need in hand, instead of making another stop at an outside pharmacy, or having to mail in a written prescription and wait days to week to receive your shipment.
With our in-house pharmacy, comes the assurance to you that each product or medication has been handled and stored properly, to ensure your pet is getting what they need.  These products are also guaranteed by the manufacturers when purchased through us.
If ease of shipping is what you need, we will happily mail (or in some cases, even hand deliver) your pet’s medications right to your door.  Just ask us!
As an added bonus, our medications and preventions are priced competitively, often providing you with money savings and rebates!