Digital Radiographs

RadiologyWe utilize digital radiography (x-rays) right inside our hospital.  This means that within a matter of seconds, we can take x-rays of your pet and have our doctors immediately viewing these images to help them make diagnoses. You don't have to be referred to a separate facility, as you often do in the human setting. Digital radiography helps our veterinarians assess musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems of your pet.


While radiographs tell us many things and often help provide a diagnosis for your pet, sometimes a different approach is needed to see soft tissue structures or even "inside" different organs.  This is where we utilize non-invasive ultrasound technology.  We have a mobile ultrasonographer who can come to our office and perform these exams quickly and efficiently.

Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist

All of our veterinarians have the skill and experience to evaluate x-rays and make necessary diagnoses based on that technology.  However, sometimes, we want an additional opinion.  We utilize board certified (meaning they have gone through additional and specialized training) veterinary radiologists to review x-rays in some cases.  These consultations are usually completed within a matter of hours, which means a faster answer to your pet's illness.