1. Although no longer owned by Dr. Coleman, he still is a part-time veterinarian there and my experiences with 2 of the other vets there have been outstanding, especially Dr. Wilfert, who is as humorous as she is knowledgeable and has made my cats feel comfortable, answers all my questions, and explains things in a step by step manner, so you have no surprises. Sadly, my last recent visit there revealed an unexpected cancerous tumor on my beloved 17 year old feline companion and I had to make the instant decision of euthanasia or prolonged treatment. I probably spent 2 hours there agonizing over my decision and saying goodbye to my best friend and it was heartbreaking. In spite of having an emergency visit for a puppy that had nose-dived off a 2 story building, Dr. Wilfert was attentive and consoling during that horrible time. Both the vet techs I knew were just as kind and caring. And the receptionist, Andrea, was also gracious and helpful. My fur baby fell asleep and died quietly in my arms and it seemed less stressful than what happened with my other 2 senior cats just a year prior at a different vet. The main difference was in the procedure itself. Instead of shaving one leg and inserting an IV, which both my 2 previous cats had pain with, she simply gave her a sedative through a quick injection and within minutes my Belle snuggled next to me and went into a deep sleep. The final injection was just that, another quick and painless shot, after allowing us about an hour to cuddle and say goodbye, no IV, no struggling to find a vein which is often painful and certainly stressful, just a simple injection when my cat was already in a deep sleep and felt no pain. I don't know why all vets don't use that method. They had also provided a bed and blanket for her and all the time I needed. I felt so grateful for their kindness and also for Dr. Wilfert's honesty and persistence to finding the root of my cat's problem, when we thought she might simply have had a problem with a tooth. Because of the tests and X-rays she persuaded me to perform is how we finally saw an inoperable tumor weighing on her heart. It was a terrible day, very unexpected, and I'm just glad the vet found the problem instead of trying expensive medicines that would not have helped. On a side note, my other experiences there have all been pleasant and Dr. Coleman is one of only a couple of veterinarians in our area that is also an Avian specialist, which is extremely helpful if I ever have problems with my parrot. Highly recommend the doctors and entire staff there.

    Michele L. (Google Review)
  2. This was our first visit with our sick kitty. They could not have been any nicer. They definitely care about your fur babies. Very informative and diagnosed our kitty and gave us the antibiotics we needed and showed us how to administer the medication. Definitely our new vet from here on out. Dr. Jones was amazing. We highly recommend. Also. The staff was amazing as well. Thanks so much.

    John B. (Google Review)
  3. The docs & their staff are the best. Very personable, love the animals, and really care about the pet.. and their humans

    Jen N. (Google Review)
  4. Best vets ever. My dog is absolutely terrified of the vets. He loves the staff and I love them too. Best vet experience I ever had.

    Sherrie L. (Google Review)
  5. They are not only professional but they are very friendly. They really care about animals and explain in detail what is going to be done. I highly recommend this animal hospital.

    Shawn M. (Google Review)
  6. They helped save our new baby Bella! They were so sweet and so kind every single employee that worked there! Bella was in really bad shape when we arrived Bella had double ear infections one was so bad it turned into an abcess and had all kinds of infection coming out of her ears and matted so badly and they not only cured Bella they cut and shaved her to get all matted hair and infection off her ears! I just fostered to own but doctor really gave Bella a second chance at life and I will never be able to thank them enough for giving our Bella a second chance at life! We will always be a loyal customer for everything they did for Bella with no judgment on the way she looked! We are going to give Bella the life she deserves we love her already and can't imagine life without her now. She sleeps close to me every night And I love everything of it! A big thanks to Haywood Animal Hospital and everything they do out of love for animals! I will add a footnote when I remember my doctor that treated Bella because she is truly the BEST and deserves all the attention!

    Tammy A. (Google Review)
  7. Dr. Shoemake has been seeing my dog Mabel since we moved here and always provides excellent care. I recently adopted a second dog who has some anxiety that presents some challenges when bringing her to the vet, and all the staff has been incredibly kind and helpful when dealing with her. She has made tremendous progress because of the extra time they take with her and ways they ensure she is made comfortable during her visits, even during these curbside appointments. I am always impressed with how friendly all of the staff are, but I especially appreciate Jessica and Samantha.

    Elizabeth N.
  8. Kind, caring, and compassionate doctors as well as staff.

    Cynthia S.
  9. Absolutely the best vets and staff that you could ask for. This entire staff is great. Can't ask for more.

    Joan H.
  10. One of the most compassionate animal hospitals I've ever visited.

    Janice B.
  11. A wonderful find with a wonderful staff. They were so helpful while we were away from home with our pups. Thank you!

    Wendy C.
  12. Haywood Animal Hospital has been our family's "babies" doctors for over 20 years. You will never find a more caring vet. My dog LOVES going! They go above and beyond ensuring your pet gets the best medical attention.

    Nancy H.
  13. I have taken all of my cats here for years and wouldn't trust any place else. They have always put the care and comfort of their patients first.

    Pamela L.
  14. We were really impressed when entering the office. First off, it looked very clean and smelled wonderful, which can't be said about several veterinarian clinics we've been to. The staff were amazing: very friendly and attentive. They were so sweet to Cassie and took their time and explained everything that they were going to do for her, as well as all the upfront costs and all post treatments we needed to do when we got home. Dr. Jones was kind enough to contact us the next day about her previous lab work that had been done. So, all in all, a great first visit, and I'm glad we have found a wonderful new vet family for our furbaby.

    Brenda H. (Google Review)
  15. We’ve brought 3 of our pets here and absolutely adore the care that the vet team provides! Dr. Wilfert is amazing and clearly really cares for the pets that they see. We travel for a living, but they’ve been incredibly accommodating to our needs. We highly recommend this place to any pet parents seeking care for their babies! Thanks for all you do, Haywood!

    Olivia R. (Google Review)