Fire Survivor and Morale Booster

Toast is our resident emotional comfort kitty and morale booster. She came to Hendersonville in November of 2022, by way of our friends at the Boxer Butts and Other Mutts rescue.  She was found by a firefighter in Greenville, SC, after the abandoned warehouse she had been living in, burnt down.  She literally walked across coals to get rescued.

This little kitten had badly burned areas on all four of her feet, a burnt ear tip, and other smaller burns.  She had a need for quite a bit of wound care in our hospital and it was during this time that Dr. Shoemake's two oldest children fell in love with this sassy little kitten.

Toast (full name Toaster Strudel) became an instant celebrity and rules the Shoemake house.  She travels to Haywood Animal Hospital with Dr. Shoemake everyday, so lookout for her, you might just see her during her next visit!