Veterinary Assistant

Karisa was born and raised in a small town in Rhode Island. She grew up with a passion for animals and science. After she graduated high school she pursued that passion by going to human medical school, but quickly realized that path would not fulfill her love for animals. She decided to change paths and became a professional groomer instead. For 15 years she helped animals by making them look and feel their best, however she still wanted more.

She was offered a job as a veterinary receptionist and realized almost immediately that veterinary medicine was her calling. After spending almost two years behind a desk she decided she wanted to be hands on and trained to become a technician. Since that moment she has never looked back. She loves being able to both help animals and learn the science behind treatments.

Karisa lives at home with her husband, Tristan, and her three greyhounds Crowley, Mavis, and Juvia. While Karisa has a love for all animals, sighthounds (especially greyhounds!) will always hold a special place in her heart.